Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lost & Forlorn

It is all about getting used to your presence, day in and day out. How lost I am now that you have decided to stay out of my life for some time! I have heard may be a thousand times over that we need to be the masters of our lives and not give in to dependency on any one, emotionally or otherwise. But how does one stay away from the 'attachment trap'?

Your coming home everyday at the same time is almost taken for granted. I take pride of you when the others cringe about what they have in their lives. I have secretly even thanked my stars and the Lord for getting us together in this life.

Your spick and span look, no-nonsense attitude and at the same time the caring outlook has many a times left me asking me for more. I wait with baited breath for you to return home soon. Your deft fingers have worked like a charm for so many years and I am sure no one else can create the magic that you do!

In the mean while I must attend to chores at home needing my attention now that you are not there to take care of them. Sincerely and desperately missing you, my bai, my domestic help, my everyday angel..Shobha.


utkarsha kotian said...

So true. The maid is the one with whom our life is made! :)

Amishi said...

ha! ha! ha! i knew it was not what it seemed like! Good one! Naah! - BRILLIANT ONE! Be careful, your domestic help might decide to marry you - and that won't help, even domestically!

P.S. I hope Sitaram is not too jealous at Sita bewailing anyone other than Ram!

Sucha said...

@UT You know best :)

@Amishi..:) Sitaram is happy for once I am open about my feelings for her, most of the times they both are in 1 team and me against them!

Subha Mohapatra said...

HA HA HA...Excellent...Beyond words..