Friday, August 8, 2008

To be childish or childlike?

The joyous face of a child I saw from the car window remains afresh after days. The face of a little girl asking for alms albeit with the twinkle in her eyes.. The fact that she was out there on the roads day in and day out doing the same thing, did not take away the shine in her eyes. No matter 9 out 10 people did not bother to look at her, not even rolled their windows down. She was at the “job” with equal enthusiasm for the next vehicle that stopped. Unforgettable. Unmatched renewal of faith.

May be that is what people mean when they say we all have a inner child and it is up to us to keep it alive. The quality of being joyous for no reason. It is our basic nature to be in a state of happiness, WITHOUT a rationale. Unfortunately we have surrendered to such a morose life that we need a reason to even smile!

On the other hand we have no qualms of adapting to childish behaviour like refusing to talk to someone after a fight, crying over someone else taking our toys (read materialistic possessions) , insecure if someone gets close to “my” people and ofcourse my favourite observation “since we are not talking now, return my toys” :) type of a thing.

A friend of mine often says that if we have an argument with someone it is just as good as someone showing us a mirror. We may be initially upset over how we look in the mirror but as an adult it is prudent that we accept the fact and move ahead on a corrective path. More and more we do behave like a child screaming on seeing his own face in the mirror and refusing to look at it anymore. Funny eh?

I do hope I am more in touch with my inner child and be childlike but be an adult where required and not adhere to childish patterns. On the lighter side I need this self-encouragement to get myself to call my inner circle of people who never bother to find if I am still alive nor return my umpteen calls. The renewed enthusiasm of the girl on the road is my motivation on not giving up!