Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank you..

A very common sight that always tugs my heart is the side walks around any swimming pool where parents watch over their little ones learning swimming. I guess it takes tremendous patience and more importantly love to be there day after day, supporting, chiding and encouraging their children not to give up. My rough estimate is that over 90% of the parents do not know to swim(especially the mothers), yet the way they encourage the off-spring to learn it is truly astounding :)

Which incidentally brings me to the concept of 'support' and how important it is for each one of us, as we try to swim along the tides of life. No matter, what kind of tide we are facing, it is heartening to see someone on the side walks trying to wave out to us and say "Go on, you can do it!" Advices come aplenty (since they are mostly given free of cost!), however I have started really appreciating people spending time and advising, I find great hidden 'support' in the exercise.

So here's to all of you who have been a great shoulder in this rather difficult year for me. 'Thank you' so much for being there in various forms - be it mails, messages or Face Book likes or updates, phone calls or BBM messenger and finally even that simple yet deep look that said "Go on, dont give up!"

Cant thank enough that you are a part of my life..Thanks for making 2011 memorable. Please continue to be a part of my support system year after year!