Friday, April 16, 2010

The lost nest

As a onslaught of the construction industry the green cover opposite our flat has been fully razed to the ground. A once upon a time "cynosure of all eyes" is another construction site now with the regular mud & grime taking the toll on us. No more lazy times sitting by the window sipping tea, watching the brilliant tree cover with a blank mind. Soon there would be houses, people who may peep in to our house or worse still, start predicting the time table of our lives!

In all this transition the worst hit creatures seem to be the birds that used to frequent the trees making their homes in the sylvan surroundings. It used to be a matter of pride to be sitting near the window and see a variety of rare birds from home. Now all I can see is a desperate search by some birds trying to find their once comfortable nest; all gone by a single stroke powered by the quest of money.

As some of my close pals come on their annual visit "to India" (it never stops amazing me how we refer to home as "India" no sooner we are out of it) I can feel deep pangs of loneliness in them too. What once was their kingdom is no more the same. The siblings are busy in their own lives, parents happy that the children are back but secretly waiting for their peaceful lives to return. Friends who once spent days with each other now suddenly look at their appointments and can spare time only for "lunch on Sunday"!.

Makes the "India" visitors wonder what was it that they were so excited about before taking the trip! Months of planning, buying gifts for all & sundry (not forgetting the ex-maid's child!), spending anxious hours packing trying to fit the world in to the allotted baggage..all this and more loses it's fizz no sooner they land. Everyone "moves on" in life but when the reality of this hits you, it does not sound as fancy I suppose.

It is only when they start talking in the past tense "in earlier days.." types that I realize it is another case of someone trying to find the lost nest...