Friday, February 29, 2008

No choice over choice

This morning was a great relief when I opened the cupboard to select clothes for the day: reason, I had jettisoned many of the clothes yesterday which left me with very less choice. Having a wide range of choice is supposed to be a sign of prosperity but for the many I know including your's truly it is a sign of complex mental exercise with the end result not always desirable!

I recall quiet times spent in a little English village which had hourly fixed timings for trains and buses and life was so peaceful and predictable. There were no hassles of boarding the 9:02 am train or the 9:07 am train. With no alternatives in hand everything fell in place :-)

When I see parents today pampering their children with so many choices be it food, clothes, games and they in turn being so firm in their own right I feel funny. Having " Bournvita" for one day would mean inviting hell in the house because "Milo" is not available. Going for shopping or eating out or cooking at home or simply anything has such a varied choice that it is not surprising that people prefer to settle for good old "Vanilla" flavour in everything.

There was a time when there would be just on channel on television or radio and people enjoying every moment of it. Today we have a zillion choices on any entertainment medium and most of the time people are just flicking buttons to find something worthwhile. Quantity has definitely gone up but at the irreplaceable cost of quality.

On the other hand I also wonder if we are creating a future generation with very low acceptance levels in all walks of life. With the dwindling level of patience with "others choices", it is no wonder we have more broken homes fueling the construction companies to build more houses, alas not homes. :-(

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finding the right balance!

It took a swiss ball in the gymnasium to teach me one of the greatest truths of life..It is all about finding the right balance and then enjoying the game. After struggling initially for couple of times for the right equilibrium, once I got it the rest of the exercises were sheer joy, ofcourse entwined with pain :)

Reflecting on this philosophy I realized all the past 12 years or more I have spent in pumping time for career and little or no time to other aspects of life like fitness or even simple things like taking a walk in the sun, totally a lop sided balance.

Now for some time that I am the master of my time and not the time sheets at office or the client's mercy, I realize there is so much joy to simple things in life. Being able to give more than 2 hours for fitness seems to be a dream in the corporate world, now that I am able to do it it is a dream come true. Yet, it is a lop sided balance with the financial and career aspect needing attention. By god's grace I belong to the fairer sex with the not-so fairer one ready to take the responsibility of nurturing me for this period.

The childhood art basics of bicycling teaches one to balance but I wonder how many of us are really able to balance all our interests / needs in life. If you too wish to take time to smell the flowers, learn that guitar calling you for years, spend time with your pets / plants, breathe in the fresh air (wherever available) and yet not loose on the material world may you find the right balance! Life then will truly be a game each one of us will cherish.