Friday, August 13, 2010

Never noticed when you grew up...

Let me admit the impression I have of my mother is still the the person who struggles with handling the mobile phone, no interest in knowing how the computer works, happy with handling things her way than how "modern" Mom's do. I secretly still wonder if Mom understands what a "gay" means! Yet she is someone who wants to be abreast with the latest happenings more in the people around her rather than the world at large!

However, she does pleasantly surprise me often times when she uses fancy words like "download", "sent sms" or questions to someone like "which state in the US does your child stay in?" leaving me in a state of wonderment on how did she ever get to know the states of USA! Somewhere I can see that even our parents grow even after we have outgrown from their lives. There is a sense of pride in every recent thing my parents know and I am beaming with the feeling "Not bad!"

I feel the same towards my dear Mother India today as we stand on the threshold of 63 years of independence. All said and done however shabby we are to the world in basic things, we have achieved tremendous growth which gets overshadowed by a few events or a few people all the time. If you closely observe most of the sectors have fared so well that I am beaming again "Not bad!".

There was a time about 15 years ago when in Singapore I would wonder if people in India will even get to know how a cell phone would look. I am glad my fears are totally unfounded as we can see the largest growth of cell phone industry in India with it being classified as the most basic need as of today! (That reminds me, I need to call my maid for something..)

To know how much India has grown in the last decade (being insiders we tend to take everything for granted) do look around and speak to some people who have relocated back to India after a few years. They find everything so new and so different from the time they left, there is no doubt we have changed. The last I heard was about normal schools having sick bays for children so that they could sleep. When did we hear of such things few years back? :)

This song is a befitting end to what I feel towards India! Proud to be Indian..Happy Independence day to all my fellow Indians.