Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Watta joke!

It was the end of a tiring weekend and I was at the end of my wits. All set to go home after a training session and of all the things I could not find my footwear! After a desperate search I burst out in to my famous non-stop laughter. Reason? I remembered the infectious line "What a joke!". The moment I thought about the scenario and said "what a joke" the whole desperation to find my missing footwear disappeared in to thin air. Laughingly I did find it after 10 mins but the whole "search pattern" changed in a moment. From minutes of frustration in to minutes of uncontrolled laughter.

I know by now you too must be thinking "What a joke" this blog update is about. So let me get serious about joking :) The next time you are confronted with a serious situation, step back a few steps (mentally ofcourse) and just say loud this mantra. You would know what I mean. We tend to think of ourselves and situations so grimly, that we often forget that all this is a part of cosmic joke called life. "Life is a tragedy in close up and a comedy from a long shot" said the best comic character you & I know..Charlie Chaplin. Our so called "big" issues of life are in reality a miniscule or may be less in the whole wide world and there is no doubt whatsoever in that. It is the lens that we wear to look at them that make them big or small.

When we look back on serious times in our lives, they tend to make us laugh at our stupidity & funnily we tend to think of happy times with tears in our eyes. I could never understand this logic. Whatever may be the logic, I wish you too do look back at happy times with tears of joy more than turning back to look at sour times. As we begin to wish 2009 a good-bye let us look at the year and say "What a joke!" to all the disappointments and congratulate ourselves for getting ahead of them.

Keep joking, keep laughing and keep the tears of joy right there:)