Monday, June 28, 2010

It is a one way...

It was yet another not-so-good decision I took the other day ( I am getting better at taking bad decisions with age!) by deciding to drop my niece at a peak hour. Considering the fact that we stay just 15 minutes apart, I never envisaged it would take more than an hour to get there. No sooner we hit the road I knew it was the worst time to get out. I looked at the road going back home longingly and even that was packed, bumper to bumper. No choice but to just continue on the road ahead that did not look inviting at all. One bad decision and I paid for it by spoiling the rest of the evening.

The only good thing that happened was probably this thought the same principle applies to decisions made in life too. It is really a one way. Once a start has been made in a particular way you have no choice but to continue on the course, there are no 'U' turns on the roads of life. One may take detours, change the roads but never can we get back what is lost in terms of time, relationships whatever may be the case.

Finally we will really convince ourselves and a huge bandwagon of people around you who will vouch that 'All that happens is for the best' , 'It is destiny' etc but deep within I am not convinced that it is. It truly is a one way, you can either make it a run way to surge ahead or run away from the responsibility of deciding for yourself!