Sunday, September 11, 2011

The real address of Love

It was a rare relaxed Sunday evening when hubby & I were taking a nice walk along a lake near where we stay. What a sight! Lovely weather, families out on their Sunday outing, groups of friends playing pranks and posing for group photos, so many young boys and girls (called couples in our world!) cuddling in the sylvan shelters of the trees along the lake, far from the madding crowds. It seemed like a perfect world. Love, caring and sharing all available at one place.

If there is so much love energy why do people still hate, separate, abuse each other? Wondered my mind. Over the years of association with people around us, some of the relationships fade in to infinity, some are safely and conveniently kept away, some tag along as 'devoted followers' (generally most love to have a following that does not question our ability!), some seasonal 'coming and going' types and finally some who are sealed with us for life!

So what are the different shapes and shades that 'Love' takes over years with association with the same people? I see it in the form of trust and confidence in long distance relationships where we are away from someone we love for more than one reason! I see it in that ONE glance that conveys it all. I feel it in the voice of parents who long to listen to their off-spring now away. I sense it in that one liner call / message from someone who wants to know "If you are ok!". Most of all, lately I see it in hospitals. Gross as it may sound, I am convinced that is where it most obviously resides.

The very word of 'Hospital' brings forth generally a negative feeling of medicines, doctors, displeasing smell, blood and bills! However, beyond all this you can see deep love and caring, in each husband holding the hand of a weak wife, in a wife talking to a husband dying with brain tumor and assuring that all will be well, in children nursing their old parents, in friends taking turns to give company to their friend who is nursing some relative. Rest assured! Only the ones who really matter will take time out and be there.

So no matter one may have hundreds of 'contacts' or 'friends' on social networking sites or phone address books, the ones that really love you are the ones accompanying you to a depressing place like a Hospital! Investing our time in such relationships will be much better than the seasonal ones :)