Friday, December 12, 2008

Being in the invisible mode

A new feature on Orkut of being able to chat with all your contacts has been driving me to take cover under the “being invisible” mode. Much to my dislike, I am still being invisible as the thought of being available to the 200 odd contacts on the site sends me shudders. What will I chat with people I have hardly met? It is ok to share an occasional not with each other but talk to unknown people everyday? Oops! not my piece of cake, surely. For once I am happy to let the cake go!

Getting in to the mould of being unseen has its own share of excitement and disappointments too. It is interesting to see a lot of contacts coming on line, who cannot see that I am also present. Some kind of ego-booster I must say. It fuels a supreme pleasure of giving me the power of talking to them at my will. I just need to ping them and a conversation can happen. Unless I initiate it, they cannot reach out.

At the same time it is also a little sad that no one reaches out to me with a friendly “Hi” no matter what the time of the day is. I could display my mood for the day with a fitting status message. No need to call anyone and tell I am feeling under the weather. The status message did it all. Conversations were triggered by the status message alone and some of the most interesting talk would ensue.

Amidst all this new experience of being unseen, I also ponder what does God experiences all the time. The one always in invisible mode. He is of course visible to me in the form I trust is God. Yet for the millions who just believe that “HE is up there and is watching it all”, I wonder what HE undergoes!

Just like I am hoping some of my regular contacts will look for me and say “Hi”, will the creator not be yearning for HIS creations to look inside and say “Hi”. "I am here for you always", HE thinks but are we aware? All HE sees is his little children mindlessly fighting over “mine” & “thine”. Religion which was just created so that man gets closer to God has itself become a battle ground taking God out of religion entirely and leaving just a bitter after taste.

Through the various mediums, channels (not TV channels please), guru’s masters HE is trying to convey to all “Please look inside; there is none outside for whom you are fighting”. Yet we turn a blind eye to all of this and are busy looking elsewhere.

All I can urge to HIM is to please come out of the Invisible mode and take charge. Teach everyone that we have come here to learn to love and not loathe. Shout aloud that all religions are creation of Man himself, there is not one higher or lower. Stop the mindless actions and reactions. We your children have failed terribly in the test you have given. Please come and take us on the right path and help us pass at the next chance.