Friday, December 28, 2007

Greener pastures beckon?

Last couple of weeks have been a wonderful insight on how we as human beings always reach out to something not native to us.

I happened to be at a "annual ball" of one of the defence services recently and saw many ladies dressed in the "best of the west" attire and dancing away to the latest hip hop numbers. As always I came back amazed at the way our Indian women have adapted to the west.

Dramatically opposite has been the sight at the many music concerts happening at full glory at Chennai in December. Invariably there would be a bunch of non-Indians dressed in the "best of India" listening intently to the raaga alapana or clapping enthusiastically to a good Bharatnatyam piece.

The sight of Kalakshetra the college dedicated to fine arts was the icing on the cake though!
At a Bharatnatyam recital all the front rows were occupied by non-Indians who are either pursuing some form of Indian art or just plain admirers of it. It was heartening as well as a tad shameful to be seated next to a young lady from abroad who knew all the mudras of the dance being performed and also the meaning of the song.

Seeing all the non-Indian ladies dressed in the finest of salwar kameez or a saree along with jasmine flowers in the hair really set my heart aglow with the pride of being an Indian, but the memory of the Indian mom's letting their hair down at the ball quickly brought me back to reality!