Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Globalized Local Indian

We have entered yet another decade and it is quite interesting to see how we the people of India are taking everything in our stride and march ahead (be it morcha or marathon!)

December is the time when many migratory birds (err..people) come back to India to spend "quality time" with their near and dear ones. Being a part of a global family is now a accepted norm of life at least in the metros (may be true for all of Andhra Pradesh considering the number of people going abroad from there). It is quite heartening to see these globalized Indians give up their comfortable life and experience the life in India to feel one with their roots.

One such incident is when a friend of mine was trying to get his daughter learn the "Indian Potty Posture". I can never forget the sight of him sitting behind his little daughter in the loo and teaching her! It is a warm sight to see global Indians teaching local culture, values to their children and also relocate to India to "feel her" better.

At a time when the "cream" of Indians who have lived a good part of their lives abroad come back to experience the culture here, we are busy fighting over localization and language issues.

I feel quite embarassed and "uncool" when day after day we have issues of local rights being presented to us. I can never understand the nature of us humans, first wanting to unite everything under the pretext of being "One" and then keep asking to be divided as we dont feel one with anyone!

Whether the truly educated Indian will live to see local days or global days only time will tell. Whether the colleges teach English in Marathi (it's true) only our maturity will tell. Whether the global parents teach their children that India is a great country or a living hell on earth only our attitudes will tell..


Huzaifa said...

good one and @ the right time probably because of recent activities / noise created by regional political leaders.

We get agitated if an Indian is thrashed / ill treated in Australia and feel proud if you do the same to our own people......

utkarsha kotian said...

More than the post, its the choice of picture that I liked. :)

Nice post, but it's always been that way na?

Vish said...

Nice post,Sucha garu..
Keep writing..

Sucha said...

Huz..Yes kind of especially the Andhra / Telangana issue is so immature..

@Deepa..It has been alwasy like this but becoming more stronger now, with more education if this is what happens..God save us!

VP gaaru..Thanks!

Sathish said...

Nice one asusual. :)
I like these lines.

Whether the global parents teach their children that India is a great country or a living hell on earth only our attitudes will tell..

Saurabh Panshikar said...

This is something to think about...
I agree with Huzaifa's comment too...

And the potty incidence is funny!