Wednesday, November 25, 2009

(In) Secure zone

Few weeks back there was a burglary in our well guarded society. After all the postmortem it was concluded that the security guards are very over worked and tired. Hence after 3 a.m they tend to get slack and fall prey to the over powering sleep. Soon after the robbery security was stepped up and one guy was made to sit (my sympathies with him) in front of the house that was robbed. It seemed rather funny why that action was taken when the deed was already done.

Soon out of boredom of sitting in front of the empty house the guard was again overpowered by sleep :) He was sacked the next day. My heart goes out to the hard working Gurkha who used to earn a few hundred rupees after spending hours doing something absolutely uninteresting & killing his otherwise healthy spirit. The diktat was changed after 2 weeks and all is back to normal now hoping that the robbers find a better society to enter and not ours!

Ditto to how our country operates. Now that 26/11 is here we talk of slack security measures and the blame game goes on & on. Never do we think about the working conditions of the security personnel. They spend days & nights doing something which a normal person cant think of doing even for an hour. Most of the wives of the security guards spend their lives in loneliness because their husbands are busy guarding someone /something else funnily to ensure their lives are financially secure.

As my husband prepares to go for yet another patrolling duty for the next few days I can only hope that, people realize there are thousands of them out there without the luxury of few hours sleep in the night ensuring that the rest of the world sleeps (in ignorance & in reality!).


Preetham Sai P.V. said...

You have hit the nail on the head.. I really found it funny when I read in the newspapers that "Mumbai was in a state of high alert AFTER the attacks on Taj!!" If we were alert before the attack, may be we could have prevented it!! Why did we not have any attacks in US after 9/11? We love to emulate Americans in all possible ways.. Wish we had the guts to detain Khan or an Ambani in an airport here in India and questioned!!

angel from heaven said...

Over tired and lack of sleep will result in these problems.Maybe they should rotate the guards and put them in shorter shifts to make the job easier to do .

VIVEK said...

Sucha, Nice of you to recognize the good work done by so many security personnel in guarding the country by sea, land and air. Who else can account for the sacrifices made by both the men in uniform and their families. The ordinary man/woman and the government, to a large extent, always feels that it is the bloody job of the secuirty personnel to guard the country and convinently turns blind eye to the constraints, the limitations and the sacrifices made. Alas, when is the realization going to is more of wait and we have an option???

Sucha said...

Strong reaction that one..Preetham!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

The man who gives up his sleep for anything, is a noble soul indeed!

Hats off to such people!

and Thanks a lot for taking time to go through my blog. In one way or other you have encouraged me to keep on blogging.
Thanks a lot!

Asha Tampa said...
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Asha Tampa said...

Like Preetham said, you really hit the nail over the head - nice post, I hope more people actually get to come to your blog and go through this one. It's so very true, we tend to over-react when a tragedy strikes, and there is uproar for a few days; then the hype gets snuffed out and life goes on as before, waiting for the next tragedy to happen.

I guess people should start taking initiative and be more aware of their surroundings. Well, this is one topic that can go on and on - let me stop here :D

Nice post, Sucha! And thanks for checking out my blog! :-)